All canned food should be easy-to-open (for instance, with pull tabs directly on the can)
No food items that require heating
No cleaning products
No alcohol
Leave a card or a note for the person who will receive the box

To avoid potential problems, we ask you to respect the following instructions which are based on 5 years of experience:


1.Find an empty shoe box
2.Fill it with more or less ten food items

  • non-perishable, (no fresh fruits, no yoghurt...)
  • non-alcoholic, (no beer, no wine...)
  • easy to open (no can openers needed),
  • ready to eat (no healing required)
Examples of recommended foods:

Non-perishable foods, in tins, that are ready to eat: fruit salad, fish, meat (such as snack sausages), salads, rice pudding…
Non-alcoholic beverages: 33cl cans and 50cl bottles
Candies: Cookies, chocolate, candy…
Other: Peanuts, nuts, dried fruit…

3.Add a season’s greetings card.
4.Wrap the box as a Christmas present (to make it more festive and to prevent its opening during transport)
5. Bring it to one of the storage locations.


Further instruction:

For big deliveries, to facilitate transport :
1. Group the shoe boxes in larger cardboard boxes (such as moving boxes)
2. Note the total number of shoe boxes within each box on the outer box.