Shoebox Entreprises

Over past years, numerous businesses and administrations have participated in the campaign.


Often, this results from the proposal of one of their employees who becomes responsible for the campaign within the organization. This person builds awareness among his colleagues, collects the boxes and organizes their pick-up and delivery to a storage location.


Your business can also participate !


How to prepare the shoe box?

The shoe boxes contain 7 or 8 food items and beverages (non-alcoholic, non-perishable, easy to open and ready to eat) and a season’s greetings card. When filled, they are wrapped as Christmas gifts.

 For more info, see the page Boxes


Where to deposit the boxes?

The boxes can be delivered to any one of the numerous designated storage locations during their opening hours. For a significant number of boxes, it is preferable to contact the storage location(+32 (0)474 540 687) or the campaign coordinator prior to delivery.

To discover the storage location closest to you, see the page Storage Locations


We can help you!

Claude Vander Elst, President of the Samaritains and initiator of the shoe box campaign, would be delighted to explain the activities of his association and the need to help others to your organization. Just contact us to determine when his intervention can take place.